Flame Retardant Standards

BS7176: 1995 (Contract Upholstery Specification) Fire hazard Categories
BS 7176 : 1995 is the specification for resistance to ignition of upholstered furniture for non-seating by testing composites. Testing is in accord with BS 5852, BS EN 1021-1 or BS EN appropriate for the "Fire hazard category" designated by virture of the materials end specification distinguishes four levels of fire hazard; Low, Medium, High and Very High, BS 7176 contains a table showing which hazard category specific end uses ( ie. Hotel , Building,office etc. ) come under and the level of testing required for each. For bedrooms come under the medium fire hazard category and should therefore comply with BS EN 1021-1: 1994, BS EN 1021-2: 1994 and BS 5852:1990: source 5,( ie. Cigarette, match and crib 5 ) However, it should be remembered that the Fire Office responsible for a particular installation may well require compliance with different levels of testing by virtue of the unique circumstance pertain to each installation. Fire officer, therefore, should always be consulted when specifying materials at the design stage.

Mattress products flammability update standard BS 7177:2008 on January 31,2008 came into force, and at March 31, 2008 be amended by adding the 1st amendments. In addition to exports to Hong Kong and Macau mattress, all mattress products may continue to use BS 7177:1996 standards, related products exported to the EU must perform the relevant provisions of BS 7177:2008 and has been updated on the original version, which in addition to containing BS EN597-1:1995, BS EN597-2:1995 and BS 6807:2006 test method specified in the mattress filler is also include, not only the need to reach this standard test requirements, the need to reach the UK fire and safety regulations 1988 furniture in the right filler testing requirements. Standard BS 7177:2008 includes moderate risk: Cigarette Test 9BS EN 591-1:1995), Match test (BS EN 597-2:1995), fire 5 (BS 6807-2006 Clause 9) Standard BS 7177:2008 new filler detection methods using a British fire and safety regulations 1988 furniture relevant standards and regulations.

The State of California requires manufacturers to make upholstered furniture and bedding products sold in California flame-retardant. In the event of a residential fire, these products act as a significant fuel source and are difficult to extinguish once ignited. Flame retardant is measured in accordance with flammability standards developed by the Bureau or the United States, Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC). Since 1975, the Bureau has developed several flammability standards, called technical bulletins.
Resistflame provides testing services to ensure your products meet the requirements of the following California Fire Code Bulletins.
Bulletin CA117 Specifies Requirements, Test Procedures and Apparatus for Testing the Flame Retardant of Resilient Filling Materials used in upholstered furniture.