Since the opening of its first coffeehouse in 1992, Pacific Coffee has provided world-class coffee to satisfy Hong Kong's growing demand for specialty coffee beverages, and served as a urban oasis for customers wishing to have a moment of peace in their busy, hectic life.

In 2005, this home-grown brand was acquired by Chevalier Pacific (Holdings) Limited. Since that time Pacific Coffee has grown rapidly, not only locally but with expansion to the Chinese Mainland, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia. In June 2010, China Resources Enterprise, Limited (CRE) and Chevalier forged a partnership to further expand the brand in the Mainland, with CRE a major shareholder in developing Pacific Coffee under the umbrella of China Resources Vanguard's retail business unit. In June 2013, CRE completed the acquisition and continued to develop, drawing on the vast retail experience of its mother company.